Conflict Cannot Be Resolved with Violence

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Acknowledgement..................................................................................................1 Definition of conflict
Types of conflict
Problem if conflicts are not resolved immediately
Way to resolve workplace conflicts effectively


Alhamdulillah, first of all i would like to thank to ALLAH as finally i were able to finish my assignment that have been given by Mr. Anthony Gerard’s lecturer. This task had been done with my own with the reseach in the internet and few books eventhough a little bit problem were happened while doing this assignment. Luckily ,all the problems can be settel down and i were able to adapt properly and wisely.

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Definition of conflict
Conflict means to clash with someone,something is a fight or disagreement between two people or groups that different in attitudes, beliefs, values or needs, through which the parties involved perceive a threat to their needs, interests or concerns. It can also originate from past rivalries and personality differences. Other causes of conflict include trying to negotiate before the timing is right or at a time before the needed information is available.An example of conflict is to disagree with someone over opposite opinions or is an argument over parenting styles. Conflicts can be cognitive, affective, or a blend of both.

A definition of conflict involves fighting, war, trade embargos and so on. For others, it may be a difference in opinion, perspective or personality.

From the above definition, it is obvious that a conflict has the following components: A conflict is more than just a disagreement. It is a situation in which people perceive a threat (physical, emotional, power, status, etc.) to their well-being A conflict is caused by the differences and clash of personalities – attitudes, beliefs, values and needs.

A conflict arises when people try to make others change their actions or to gain an unfair advantage.
A conflict arises when one party refuses to accept the fact that the other party holds something as a value rather than a preference.
Participants in conflicts tend to respond on the basis of their perceptions of the situation, rather than an objective review of it.
Creative problem-solving strategies are essential to positive approaches to conflict management.

Types of conflict
Here is a quick list of the most common types of conflict. There are : Interdependence Conflicts. A person's job depends on someone else's cooperation, output or input. A classic example is when a salesperson is constantly late in uploading monthly sales figures to the computer system and that may in turn cause the accountant to be late with her own reports. Differences in Style. People have different styles when doing their work. For example, one person may be very task oriented and may just want to get the work done quickly. Others may be more concerned with having it done in a very artistic way or some may even want to include other people in the project. Differences in...
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