“Conflict Cannot Be Resolved with Violence’’

Topics: Nonviolence, Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, Violence Pages: 4 (1246 words) Published: September 27, 2010
Statement of Intention:
Human nature seeks ways in which to resolve any conflict that’s we are confronted with. The use of violence seems to be an attractive method to put an end to conflict. History has shown that violence has been an effective tool to resolve conflict, and there is no doubt that violence can resolve violence in given situations. However we need to ask ourselves, is violence the only way to resolve conflict? And does it always resolve the conflict? Due to the recent increase in violent behavior amongst teenagers in our society I would like to present a speech on use of violence in response to conflict. I am writing this speech to present to my fellow peers as I think that it would be the best way to get my point across to my audience and maintain the seriousness of the issue. I will use formal language which will also uphold the seriousness of the issue being discussed. I will be referring to Arthur Miller’s play The Crucible to support my ideas and add credibility to my argument. My purpose of delivering this speech is to convince my audience that violence is not the only way to deal with conflict and doesn’t always resolve the conflict.


Good Morning Staff and fellow students. My name is Dick Head and I will be talking to you on the notion that conflict cannot be resolved with violence.  Conflict. What is conflict? Is it an argument you had with a sibling over the use of the play station? Or is it a showdown of nuclear weapons on the battlefields between powerful nations? These are prime examples of conflict. Conflict, however, is a disagreement between two or more contradictory ideas. As long as there are opposing ideas there is bound to be conflict because each individual has their own views. However, having no conflict would mean everyone to have the same views, and this would paralyze any opportunities for growth. This is why conflict is inevitable and it is important we need to learn how to deal with it. So what does it...
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