Conflict Brings Out Unexpected Qualities in People

Topics: Westfield Group, Auschwitz concentration camp, Frank Lowy Pages: 2 (841 words) Published: May 28, 2013
‘Conflict brings out unexpected qualities in people.’

Conflict can bring out the best and worst side of people, being is such stressful or demeaning situations the feeling of hope or fear attends to appear. In The Rugmaker of Mazar-e-Sharif, conflict is the main theme in the book and observing the way Najaf gives himself hope when in woomera struggling to understand how he is going to survive. The man Frank Lowry who was trapped in a detention camp working his way out of the danger he was now found himself owning Westfield shopping centres. These 2 characters having to relate to conflict, shows they were both on a situation of mental strength and hope to make a better living and in away from a near death situation. In the Rugmaker Najaf find himself in a detention centre stuck in a place called woomera. In such extreme situations Najaf only has the feeling of hope when in such a daunting situation. Having such a strong quality in the him, it was all a mental strength when he knew he wanted to survive the traumatising period in his life. Najaf says ‘We have many more disappointments than days of wonderful news because we are human beings and we are given a hoping hear by god. If god did not give us the power to hope, we would have lasted long on his earth’. Hope is an interference of being powerless or weak. Having hope can set up your dreams or key values in life aiming to achieve as high as they want compared to a person who wishes there life on luck or giving up feeling it is an impossible goal to reach. Najaf values hope in every situation, the conflict he has between himself and the troubles he’s living, he works his way to overcome the fears his facing. Najaf witnessed hopelessness in woomera and its effects are as dangerous and devastation as powerlessness. Even in the most desperate circumstances, when in fear of losing a leg or being captured by the Taliban, Najaf hopes. Having to face such extreme situations conflict has truly taken an unexpected...
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