Conflict Between Blanche and Stanley in a Streetcar Named Desire

Topics: Blanche DuBois Pages: 3 (1023 words) Published: September 25, 2005
In the conflict between Blanche and Stanley was it inevitable that Stanley would be the victor?

In Tennessee Williams play "A Streetcar Named Desire" two of the main characters Stanley and Blanche persistently oppose each other, their differences eventually spiral into Stanley's rape of Stella. Stanley (Stella's husband) represents a theme of realism in the play; he is shown as a primitive, masculine character that is irresistible to Stella and on some levels even to his "opponent" Stella's sister Blanche. Blanche who had been caring for a generation of dying relatives at Belle Reve has been forced to sell the family plantation. Blanche is a great deal less realistic than Stanley and lives in illusions which bring upon her downfall. Conflict first arises when Blanche arrives at the Kowalski household and Stanley's authority over his home is questioned. Stanley has always had authority and control of his home and also his wife Stella. When Blanche arrives he feels that he is being invaded and doesn't agree with it. His "rat race" style of life doesn't match with Blanches but has somehow converted Stella. One of the main themes about conflict is that Stanley and Blanche are in a battle to win Stella and neither of them will give her up. A particularly evident section of conflict in the play is over Belle Reve and Stanley's "Napoleonic code". Blanche has told the Kowalski's that she had lost Belle Reve but without proof suspicions arrive with Stanley "well, what in the hell was it then, give away? To charity?" Stella doesn't take the fact that Blanche has no papers regarding Belle Reve as meaningful as Stanley does. Stanley from a relatively poor background compared to Stella and Blanches Belle Reve plantation and now would appreciate a slice of their assets and speaks about the Napoleonic code meaning that everything that his wife owns, or part owns is also his. After riffling through Blanches belongings for information Stanley subtlety confronts her with "it...
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