Conflict analyses between China and Japan

Topics: Japan, East Asia, Southeast Asia Pages: 3 (814 words) Published: November 26, 2013

The two core actors in this conflict are the Chinese and the Japanese government.. The conflict is at a stage where it is difficult for either party to give up their territorial claim. This because the nationalist Chinese government will not want to lose face and because China is likely to want to keep up appearances to the rest of the world. Also, if China would succeed to take the islands it would once again show the world how strong of a nation it is and it would be a message to other South East Asian countries who have a territorial dispute with China. This means that the neighboring countries of China and Japan can also become active actors in this dispute. Japan can’t afford to lose face either, for then it might appear weak and China could make more territorial claims. If the tensions keep rising it will become more difficult for either country to give in to the demands of the other. Another actor that could possibly play an important role in the future is the US, because of its ties with Japan, also it would be not be in America’s advantage if China were to gain more economic power. Other actors in this conflict are the Chinese and the Japanese people, who are not likely to benefit from a war. If the tension between the two nations continuous to grow, the Chinese sentiment towards Japanese people will get worse and vice versa, which could have implications for the Chinese living in Japan and the Japanese living in China. If the tension between both countries grows it is also very likely NGO’s will start to try and mediate more in the conflict.

Edward Azar notes that; ‘A protracted social conflict can be resolved or at least kept latent if the state accommodates communal grievances and improves the satisfaction of communal needs in the initial stage’(Azar, 1990: 28). A solution for escalation of this conflict lies as we believe in the internal economic policy making of all countries involved. As long as communal needs...
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