Topics: World War II, English-language films, War Pages: 2 (1102 words) Published: October 26, 2014

Conflict. It happens everyday between sisters and brothers, students and teachers, neighbours and governments. Although these are all different types of conflict, whether it is big or small, people are bound to pick a side. Today I will be discussing how asylum seekers are consistently rejected by our very own unsympathetic government. I will be talking about how thirteen years later people are still taking sides about the 9/11 attacks. Think about the struggle of oppression of women, and how it still comes into conversation today. Have we not moved forward? What about Hitler do you remember? His abuse of power during World War 2? And how it left many people traumatized. For thousands of years there have been a constant rigorous struggle between the powerful and the powerless. There have been numerous amounts of arguments relating to people taking sides. The issue of asylum seekers being one of them. Wars happen globally everyday. Some being so bad that some are forced to leave their homes in order to seek safety. So what better place to seek refuge, than a country that has freedom. The Asylum Seekers first reaction to war is to leave their homes. Although they are doing something illegal they just want to save their lives. They completely disregard their fight responsive action and go straight to flight. The Government’s however do not take the asylum seekers into consideration and send them back to the war ridden country. Government’s continuously abuse the power that they do have. Due to the influence of the media and the government, people have taken sides regarding the asylum seekers. Imagine you’re a Muslim walking on the streets of America recently after the bombing of the Twin Towers. You’ve recently lost your family and you’re all alone with nowhere to go. Wherever you go some people look at you with disgust on their face blaming you, others look at you with grief feeling sorry for you. What was once a normal day in New York came to be known as one...
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