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By SpoopEns Apr 15, 2013 867 Words
When I look back to all my memories almost of it are bittersweet. I miscommunication with my parents although we speak the same langue, but when we solve the misunderstanding our relation grow stronger. Nobody want troubled but it is a ‘friend’, which will help me to experience the life. I always tried to avoid conflict between other and me. I feel conflict is a trouble it should not exist in the world. Conflict cause war between country, in make a couple to divorce or break up, conflict did not contribute any good for the world or human, but I realized when I get older, that conflict let me truly face the richness of living in this world, this society because those will become my best memory. When conflict comes we challenge it with our pride, our culture and our dignity, we could learn the other culture how they respond, but there will be out of our control sometimes. Interpersonal, intrapersonal occur every day, every time, which so comment that did not realized by us, conflict filled the life with full of adventure and make us feel the purpose of being alive.

I have always thought how really powerfully is a human willpower can be? But human could break down easily than I expect. I do not want to be a puppet, which being control by the rules and the law. I do not want national identity to decide that who am I? And how much mine values are? Almost every human being was born equally to the earth, with a mother and a father; the skin colour had changed that equality. I think so people revolt not because they want to be special; they want a sense of present to in the society as a human, not a puppet to those ignorance racist. Steve Biko in the ‘Cry Freedom’ he had the determination to fight against the whites government. He fight for equal right, fight for the equal environment that every citizen should have, fight for the existences, value, and culture of the black. He wishes for the peace between the white and black to work together. His death is not a vain. Although he risk his life time, reputation, money, family and everything he got to challenge the authorize but he could no longer watching his people being treated badly. Although he was treated badly in the police custody in the end but all of the conflict he had been through make his life full of story to tell.

I keep thinking where did all the courage came from for a person to stand up to fight against the authority. People keep complaining and grumble how bad the government is! or how bad the boss is! In the end they still keep following the law and do what the boss told. The ‘fear’ is stronger than the courage for them to strike. The ‘tank man’ in China. He did appear he woke up in that morning to join the protests. He was like going to shopping or some thing. Maybe something in his head say, ‘no I will not keep going, I will not pretend there is nothing going on here.’ His sudden action had caused the tank driver intrapersonal conflict. The tank man prove that he care for his country he experience something that the entire protester could not do. Donald Woods in the Cry Freedom he had every thing money, family, and fame. Conflict makes him stronger, when the whites hurt his children Duncan and Mary. He risks his family, his fame, and his properties to stand against the racist. He could no longer be a bystander and not being himself letting the whites to do what they want. He had a heart of justice. Sometimes the conflicts make people think a better and fullness of being alive.

Culture may represent a way of life for someone; it could also be a person’s background. It is so deeply unfair to those who had to give up their culture because of the selfishness of the other national. In the rabbit proof fence A.O. NEVILLE said ‘the continuing infiltration of white blood finally stamps out the black color.’ This had showed that national identity is born out of conflict. National identity is not that importance don’t judge the skin colour, we are all equal. Not all the white culture are good, he force and took away the half-cast which mean a child which is half aboriginal and half whites he brain wash them to learn the whites culture. Molly, Daisy, and Gracie they could have a better life in the camp but they chooses to leave. They don’t want to lose their value of freedom and the value of who they are and their culture. Although the Australian aboriginal had different culture, the white Australian could try to accept it too. Since the white Australian could not accept the aboriginal culture why should the aboriginal accept theirs? We are bone with the skin colour we cant choices for it but we could choices for our own future, because of the national identity we are being limited to move forward for our dream.

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