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10 April 2013

Relationship Analysis Paper: Conflict
My friend Rocko and I have a unique relationship. We laugh, enjoy each others company and are very good friends through the bad and good times, But we also go through hardships like any relationship. Our biggest hardship is coming to an agreement about the status of our relationship. I am comfortable with being friends with him. I look forward to the fun we have when we are together and the silly arguments that we can laugh about. Unfortunately he is not satisfied with just being friends. He would rather be more than friends, he wants us to be a couple. I am comfortable with being just friends with Rocko, mainly because I genuinely appreciate the friendship we have build over the months, and I don’t want to jeopardize our friendship if things don’t work out between us as a couple. I also think that people are put into my life to play certain roles, and I consider his role to be a very good friend. I will admit that he is a very good person and I know he will do anything for me but I just cant see myself going further than a friendship with him. The relationship with Rocko is turning sour by the day. He reminds me everyday why we should take our relationship further and barricades me with questions that I don’t feel comfortable answering. With all the questions and pressure to give him a reason why I want to remain friends, It becomes overwhelming and I try to avoid him every chance
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