Configuring a Switch and Router

Topics: IP address, Network switch, Network address translation Pages: 4 (734 words) Published: August 29, 2013


Date: 12/23/2012

Switches are layer 2 devices and this makes them easier to configure than routers. Most of the time, the default configuration with switches will enable it to connect to PCs and servers together easily. These are the steps to begin configuring your switch: 1.Connect a console terminal to the console interface of your supervisor engine. 2.After a few seconds, you will see the user EXEC prompt (Switch>). Now you may want to enter privileged EXEC mode. This is also known as the enable mode. Type enable to enter enable mode: Switch> enable (You must be in enable mode if you want to make configuration changes.) The prompt will change to the enable prompt (#) Switch# 3.At the enable prompt (#), enter the configure terminal command to enter global configuration mode: Switch# configure terminal

Enter configuration command, one per line. End with CNTL/Z. Switch (config) #

4.Set up a host name for the particular switch to distinguish it in the network.

Switch(config)# hostname access-switch1

5.Configure an administrative password (enable secret password) access-switch1 (config) # enable secret somestrongpass 6.Configure a password for Telnet access
Access-switch1(config)#line vty 0 15
Access-switch1(config-line)# password strongtelnetpass
Access-switch1(config-line)# login
Access-switch1 (config-line)# exit

7.Define which IP addresses are allowed to access the switch via Telnet

Access-switch1(config)# ip access-list standard TELNET-ACCESS
Access-switch1 (config-std-nacl) = permit
Access-switch1 (config-std-nacl)# exit

8.Assign IP address to the switch for management

Management IP is assigned to Vlan1 by default...

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