Confidentiality Case Study

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During a counseling session with Naomi, she revealed that her child had been abused by a neighbor boy recently. Naomi told the counselor after she got home from work she found her little girl crying and upset because the boy touched her. Naomi asked Sofia what happen, Sofia said that Nathan touched her private parts and told her not to tell anyone because they will get into major trouble. The counselor asked Naomi how old is Sofia and Nathan? Naomi told the counselor that Sofia is seven and Nathan is ten. Naomi tells the counselor that she does not know what to do about the problem. She thought about calling the police or just talking to the neighbor’s parents about their son. The counselor tells Naomi that he is required to notify the …show more content…
This situational opens an ethical dilemma where the counselor will have to make a choice to break confidentiality or to keep confidentially. The counselor works hard to establish trust with clients to form a therapeutic relationship so clients feel comfortable talking to a counselor about their problems. Confidentiality should be discussed at the beginning of a therapeutic relationship between a counselor and a client. In this discussion the counselor will address confidentiality and when confidentiality can be broken. According to ACA (2014), “counselors protect the confidential information of prospective and current clients. Counselors disclose information only with appropriate consent or with sound legal or ethical justification” (p. 7). This means that counselor will only disclose confidential information if they have justification from a legal or ethical standpoint in situations where a client or someone is going to harm themselves, or others. According to the NBDA, B.2, (2015), “career professional keep information confidential does not apply when disclosure is require to protect clients or identified other from serious and foreseeable harm” (p. 7). The counselor is now obligated to notify the police department and child services after learning about current child abuse in Naomi’s situation. According to Missouri

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