Confidence Speech

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Confidence Speech
Have you ever been bitten by a tarantula? How about set one on fire? Well I have and ever since that day I’ve been afraid of going outside of my house in Mexico. My fear of tarantulas was huge back when I was like 10. My fear has lowered a bit but I’m still pretty scared of those long legged beasts covered in hair. I will tell you about my fear, perception, and confidence It all started when I was just a little boy enjoying my summer back in 2004. It was a while back so I won’t remember exactly what happened but I do remember the part where my grandmother set it on fire. Anyways I woke up in the morning and I decided to go outside to see if my grandfather was at work or not. When I went to check there was a gate with two big pillars and when I was at the gate to look around as soon as I turn around I saw this big black spot at the bottom corner of the big pillar. I wondered what it was. Keep in mind I have never seen a tarantula and I was little and didn’t know much. I went to grab a stick from the tree that was outside of the gate. When I came back to poke this mysterious looking thing it ran quickly to my leg and bit me and ran off to another corner. After a while my leg started to swell up where the tarantula bit me. I thought I was going to die. My grandmother came quickly to see what I was screaming about then I pointed to the tarantula and she freaked out. She told me to get the jerry can that we had in the back. When I came back with the jerry can she told me to pour some gas on the tarantula and shell quickly light the match and set it on fire. As soon as it caught on fire it started screaming. After a couple seconds a bunch of babies started coming out and ran off. They looked like little fireballs that didn’t make it far. At the end I felt bad that we lit it on fire but it bit me so were even. My perception at the time was inaccurate because I thought I was going to die of the venom but it turns out it no worse than a...
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