Confessions of a Thief and Rapist Document Questions

Topics: Time, Sexual slavery, English-language films Pages: 1 (336 words) Published: September 30, 2010
Confessions of a Thief and Rapist Questions
Robert Seiceanu
1. Arthur’s experiences as a slave revealed that he had a large variety of masters and that he did any work that his masters would have him do. He usually socialized with other negro’s by drinking and other such activities. In my own personal opinion one of the reasons that Arthur was a “Thief and Rapist” was because he was confined to being a slave for life so he rebelled, I believe that if he was a free, young, white man then he wouldn’t have rebelled. 2. Arthur was able to escape all the time because he was a skilled thief that was easily able to break or open locked doors and was most likely able to be very quiet on his toes. His masters and employers seemed to treat him fairly, they would be nice to him when he did what he was supposed to do and NOT do “bad” things. The times that Arthur did drink alchohol and rape women, his masters seemed to be very angry with him and often either sold him to another person, or sent him to prison. When Arthur went back to see his parents, they very much expected him to go back to town, turn himself in and then serve his sentence instead of escaping all the time. 3. Arthur seemed to be a somewhat neutral person among Indians, a good friend to negro’s, and someone who was well-hated among whites. Arthur’s confessions were a way that the “government” was trying to teach others that if they were going to sin and doing immoral things, that they were going to pay for it, no matter how many times they can escape, or how smart they are. I believe that when people back in the 1600’s read Arthur’s confessions, they would really be frightened and then they wpould try their best to not do illegal things, especially slaves and negro’s.
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