Confederate States of America: Rebel Flag

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Confederate States of America: Beauregard Battle Flag
Chantell L. Bonham
Atwood-Hammond High School

In this research paper I will be discussing the controversies with the Confederate Battle Flag known today as the “Rebel Flag” and the “Beauregard Battle Flag”. In this paper, you will see the National Association of the Advancement for Colored People (NAACP), this is an organization that helps protects colored people’s rights. I went about researching everything using the internet as my resource. My view on this topic is that the “Rebel Flag” should not be a thing that has as much attention as it has. It is quite offensive and people should be more careful.

Confederate States of America: Beauregard Battle Flag
The controversy with the Beauregard Battle Flag from the Civil War is still taking place today. Many people have their opinions on it. The controversy in this case is whether or not the Beauregard Battle Flag has anything to do with racism. It is understandable that the Beauregard Battle Flag is a part of history and represented more than slavery. However, it is still inappropriate to have it still flying on state flags or flaunted around as a “country” symbol.

According to Mississippi History Now (2014), the Beauregard Battle Flag came about after the First Battle of Manassas. The first Confederate Flag, known as the Stars and Stripes, was used as the battle flag. It quickly became noticeable that it was difficult to distinguish between the Federal Flag and the Confederate flag that the soldiers would wear on their uniform. The Beauregard Battle Flag was introduced by General P.G.T. Beauregard after going through this battle and seeing firsthand how difficult it was. The Beauregard Battle Flag was changed in many ways when it came to the designing, but it finally got its final design after a vote. The Beauregard Battle Flag was a square, red flag with a blue Southern Cross outlined in white....

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