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Topics: Henry VIII of England, Tudor dynasty, Edward VI of England Pages: 1 (309 words) Published: February 13, 2015
Do you agree that the dissolution of the greater monasteries was largely driven by financial motives? There are multiple arguments with reasons to agree that the dissolution of the greater monasteries was largely driven by financial motives, in this essay we will be looking through a set of sources looking to determine whether or not this is true, and why others may disagree and see it to be more along the lines of the abuses & decay, and ideology. Firstly we will be discussing the evidence on financial motives of the dissilution of the monasteries. In source 7, it shows us that, some of the Money taken from the monasteries was used to relieve some of the need for other taxation, this meant that henry, was looking to relieve some financial deficit, which is a financial motive. However the provenance of the source makes it a weak point as it is written around 400 years later, and it may also be biased as it is written in 'England under the tudors' however following on from this point source 8 also has supporting evidence of this, as it says; “the dissolution of the monasteries undoubtedly brought the crown far greater wealth, than could have been gained through taxation, a probable total of £1.3 million between 1536 and 1547.” this shows us that there is evidence supporting this. Following on from this source 8, continues to give evidence saying, through this action, cromwell aimed to permanently increase the crowns revenue, from the land gained. I may also back this argument up with a quote from Henry VIII: authority, nation and religion (by Alastair Armstrong), which says “with regards to impact on the crown, the effects of the dissolution were almost entirely financial. The dissolution did little to consolidate the break with rome as this had already been achieved as this proccess began.”
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