Cone Effect

Topics: 2006 albums, God, 2008 singles Pages: 3 (907 words) Published: January 10, 2002
First of all, my definition of the "cone effect" is this: a theory in which all media content is exaggerated then sent through a publication or broadcast that carries advertisements to individuals with different perceptions leading to a "perceived media reality" which is incorporated into everyday life. I believe this means we are media, media is us, and we are one. If we would all take a look at our lives we are just a jumble of representations. In my opinion, from the moment we are born to the day that we die we are media. We are born a certain sex boy or girl. That represents something. Boys wear blue girls wear pink. This symbolizes to everyone what we are. We don't know we are boys or girls until someone tells us. We have set and defined expectations for our lives, as well as ways that we must act. From that day forward we learn our media from our lives, our families, friends, and literally everything we come in contact with. Everything we do and everything we see leaves some trace of an impression on us and represents something to each of us. That's why I feel that media is us. Media is everything. We are just representations.

It makes me very frustrated to think seriously about this. It makes me question everything that I have had to believe as a member of society. It makes me question countless things in my life. It made me think about life in general. What is reality? Truthfully, I don't know if there is a way to answer this question for everyone but I think we all need to examine our lives in general and the everyday lives that we live in and question them. Everything we do or say has a representation so again, that is media. It is all around us. It is everywhere. Most places we don't even know that it is going on.

In my inspection of my life and the media that surrounds me I have found media to be almost everywhere. It is everywhere. Almost everything I have and use has labels on it from clothes to food. Some things even...
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