Conductor Passage

Topics: Rhetoric, Igor Stravinsky, Leopold Stokowski Pages: 4 (1119 words) Published: October 17, 2005
Conductors are "fake musicians" according to Igor Stravinsky's essay. In Stravinsky's essay he us explains how conductors are fakes by using rhetorical devices such as diction, imagery, and juxtaposition.

Stravinsky first conveys the thought that conductors are fake. He first uses juxtaposition to discuss what why he thinks to be fake. He compares conductors with the world of politics. "Conductors, like politics, rarely attracts original mind, and the fields is more for the making of careers…" (Stravinsky 1). His point is that conducting like politics is dependent almost solely on the utilization of a personality and not on whether the job can be done.

Stravinsky also uses diction as a means of dictating is point. "His first skill has to be power politics." (Stravinsky 12). Power politics doesn't have a specific definition for everyone. He is stating that conductors need to be superior in captivating the audience into believing their charade. In this state of power the conductor can hold the audience in the palm of his hands.

Imagery is a final rhetorical device Stravinsky uses as a means of exclaiming why he thinks conductors are fakes. "…conductor's appearance rather than the way he way he makes the music sound, and mistaking the conductor's gestures for the music's meaning." (Stravinsky 31). He is insinuating that conductors aren't leading the musicians at all, but faking movements to make the audience think he is doing the job.

Stravinsky also believes that conductors seduce their audience during their performances. Again he uses the rhetorical devices juxtaposition, diction, and imagery to express his point.
"…The disease grows like a tropical weed…" (Stravinsky 14). Stravinsky uses diction in the word disease. He doesn't want the reader to actually think about a disease, as in someone getting sick. Disease spreads through the body and takes over. In the this way it is comparable to the way the conductor seducing the...

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