Conducting a Strategic Management Project

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This qualification is intended for the senior and executive manager who has the full authority and personal inspiration to translate organisational strategy into effective operational performance. It is equally valuable for the person who aspires to such a role, by helping them to gain the knowledge and understanding necessary. It requires the manager to build on their management skills and to focus on the requirement of implementing the organisation’s strategy.


The Guided learning hours for the Unit 7001 - Personal Development as a Strategic Manager of the Diploma in Strategic management & Leadership are: 20



This unit looks closely at the leadership skills that you need to operate effectively at a strategic level.

Learning outcomes

Following a completion of this unit, you will be able:

1. To identify personal skills to achieve strategic ambitions

2. To manage personal leadership development to support achievement of strategic directions

3. To evaluate the effectiveness of the leadership development plan

4. To promote a healthy and safe environment that supports a culture of quality

Section 1: Identifying Personal skills

This section is about identifying what personal skills are required as a strategic manager so that you can support the strategic direction of the organisation. In doing this, you’ll look at how to analyse the strategic direction of the organisation to determine what personal and leadership competencies are required. You’ll also evaluate what strategic skills you require as a leader to achieve the strategic ambitions of your organisation.

Section 2: Personal Leadership Development

This section focuses on personal leadership development and considers how to manage this development to support the achievement of the organisation’s strategic ambitions. You’ll look at the opportunities to support leadership development, construct leadership development plans and consider the implementation process. You’ll also consider how to evaluate the effectiveness of the plan.

Section 3: Promoting a Healthy and safe environment

This section looks at how to promote a healthy and safe environment that supports a culture of quality. You’ll consider your understanding of health and safety responsibilities by looking at the processes for managing health and safety, and its implications for leadership. You’ll also look at how you can promote a health and safety culture, how you can best make improvements in this area and how you can change other people’s behaviour.


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