Condoms in Schools

Topics: AIDS, Sexual intercourse, Birth control Pages: 2 (770 words) Published: May 24, 2009
Should Condoms be distributed by Schools?
By Amanda Guillermo May 09, 2009

Should condoms be distributed among secondary and high school students? The answer to that very controversial subject is yes. Yes condoms should be distributed among the students in secondary and high schools. The question is controversial due to the main subject it discusses: sex. Some schools today are distributing birth control items to promote the thoughts and ideas of safe sex. Is it right? Yes, many have agreed that it is right. Many also believe that along with condom distribution, there should be an availability of other methods of birth control, promotion of abstinence, and information for students on what being safe really means. We have to face it that the world that we live in sex is everywhere and even though, education advocates abstinence as the primary defense against unwanted pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases, and HIV/AIDS, it also addresses the inevitability that some teens have or will engage in sexual intercourse or behavior. Just because a school distributes the condoms doesn’t necessarily mean that the students are going to have sex does it? Condoms don’t make people have sex. People make people have sex and it truly all boils down to their own upbringing, religion, morals and beliefs whether they follow through with the act or they decide no toot. It is also because of the morals and beliefs that a lot of pre teens and teens are afraid or embarrassed to go to their parents. They are afraid they will be looked down upon or even get into some sort of trouble for even having the thought about sex. Another reason that distributing condoms is a positive is because today’s young people are exposed to more than those that lived a decade before. Statistics state that, “Each year, an estimated 3 million adolescents are infected with...
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