Condom Distribution in School

Topics: Sexual intercourse, Human sexual behavior, HIV Pages: 1 (369 words) Published: April 8, 2007
Can AID be prevented through providing condom in school facility? In Joan Beck’s article, “Clear Message to Teens: “it’s OK to Have Sex”; Joseph Fernandez is providing a plan to try to prevent AID from spreading among the teens in New York City. Fernandez requested the Board of Education to make condom free and available for students in 120 high schools in the city. Fernandez understands the situation where teens are having premature sex regardless of their age. The Board of Education is debating if they wish to approve the offer given by Fernandez. AID in the urban city of New York is a very big factor, 20 % of all teens in the country have the deadly disease live in New York. Joan Beck provides information saying Fernandez’s plan is encouraging teens have sex and school is providing a message that, “It is okay to have sex.” Beck quote in her article, “By giving out condoms and at least tacit permission to be sexually active…” Fernandez’s plan might minimize AID in New York City, but its might also increase the amount of pregnancy.

In this article, Joan is expressing a negative view toward Fernandez’s plan to prevent AID among teens. Even though with the amount of teens having sex already, providing condom would be more of negative situation. Providing condom to teens would only increase the factor of sexual activity, which can cause pregnancy among teens. Basic on the article, I totally agree with the views of Joan Beck. Fernandez’s plans might be an option, but there are other ways to educate teens about AID, instead of providing them with condom. Providing condom would only increase the sexual activity, might not even prevent the spreading of AID. Joan Beck quote, “When the schools can’t even do a good job of teaching academics, it’s grasping at straws to expect they can be effective in reducing AIDS and teen pregnancies.” The main priories of school are to provide education for academics, not to educate the teens about their social norms....
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