Conditions on Each Planet

Topics: Planet, Sun, Atmosphere Pages: 3 (939 words) Published: January 2, 2012
Mercury :

Due to mercury being extremely close to the sun, causes its planet to have no atmosphere. If any air was ever around Mercury, it would have been within its early years and from that point to now, it is gone because of all of the heat being given off of the sun. Mercury has crazy weather issues because of the lack of atmosphere, which includes a drastic weather change within day to night.Whenever the sun touches the surface of Mercury, that is when the climate reaches its highess at 801 degrees Fahrenheit in the day time.Because of the lack of atmosphere in mercury, the Mercurial sky is black and the stars can be seen in broad daylight. The night time becomes a different situation, at this point it leaves it at a chilling climate where it is -300 degree Fahrenheit.

Venus :

Venus contains a wonderful thick atmosphere which is made up of 97% carbon dioxide. Venus's pressure at the surface is 92 times stronger than on Earth. Its temperature goes to an extreme result of 900 degrees Fahrenheit, which mkes it the hottest planet of all. Its atmosphere is this way because of a strong volcanic activity during the past. Venus deals with sulfuric acid rain falls that come from its swirling clouds but is gone before even reaching the ground. Earth:

Earth has the most dynamic weather in the solar system compared to the rest. The atmosphere has changed a lot compared to the Earth's early atmosphere, but for the last billion years, it has remained pretty constant. There are 3 very different atmospheric problems that is needed to be kept close attention to. The three atmospheric problem are the greenhouse effect, damage to the ozone layer, and acid rain. The earth is surrounded by a blanket of gases, this blanket traps energy in the atmosphere, much the same way as glass traps heat inside a greenhouse. This results in an build up of energy, and the overall warming of the atmosphere. The greenhouse effect is a natural process which made life on Earth...
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