Conditions of Confabulation

Topics: Psychology, Cognition, Mind Pages: 2 (430 words) Published: November 18, 2008
The Conditions of Confabulation

Confabulation: Confusion of an event that happened to someone else with one that happened to you, or a belief that you remember something when it never actually happened.

The condition may result from brain injury or may be a feature of certain conditions such as Korsakoff's syndrome (Is a brain disorder caused by the lack of thiamine (vitamin B1) in the brain), but they are especially likely under four circumstances.

• You have thought or heard about the imagined event many times Family gathering, uncle Sam scared everyone at the New Years party by pounding a hammer into the wall, the wall collapses. Story is so colourful that you can practically see Uncle Sam doing this. The more you think of this event, the more likely you are to believe that you were actually there. Imagination inflation, because your own active imagination inflates you belief that the event actually occurred. • The image of the event contains a lot of details

Usually, we can distinguish an imagined event from a real one by the amount of details we recall; real events tend to produce more details. However, the longer you think about an imagined event, the more details you are likely to add-What Sam was wearing, the fact that he was drunk etc. These details, that you your self have actually made up, may in fact persuade you of the happening of the event and that you have direct memory of it. • The event is easy to imagine

If forming an image of an event that takes little effort (simple memory), then we tend to think that our memory is real. In contrast, when we must make an effort to form an image ( place you have never been) our cogitative efforts apparently serve as a cue that the event did not really take place, or that we were not there when it did. • You focus on you emotional reactions to the event rather than on what actually happened Emotional reactions to an imagined event can resemble those that would have occurred in...
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