Condition of Strip Mall

Topics: Retailing, Trevecca Nazarene University, Power centre Pages: 2 (450 words) Published: June 21, 2013
Banadir Mall Condition
Mawlid Ali
Trevecca Nazarene University

The condition at the strip mall was less than desirable for customers because of large potholes, lack of lighting and an overall badly marked parking lot cause lots of confusion for them. Should there be a solution or stick with status quo? Research

The research is to come to a decision about the situation. Is the parking lot worth fixing to help the business? Articles and business journals were studied to find situations similar to the one at Bandadir Strip Mall. Observation Method

Behavior of customers in the parking lot was observed and noted. People gathered. People parked crooked. To Renovate or not to renovate? Literature Review
News articles and journals from the Trevecca University Library were covered to find situations that applied to the Bandahir Strip Mall. In one article , at Ezine Magazine online, ******* reported “A good reputation can take a long time to build but can be lost in an instant.” (2008) Business owners needed to protect their reputations in the community. ****** went on to add that there are many ways to keep customers but the main one is “Goodwill”(2008). In fact, ******* at E How warned that if your building is “unkept” is says your business doesn’t care about the community(2008). It was possible that customers may not think a business cares about the neighborhood if the business is run down. “Build a Brand.”(EHow) Businesses could improve their reputations with the look of their businesses. Muhlebach in his journal, Repositioning to make what’s old new again, National Real estate Investor “ The success of a shopping mall often comes down to what is hot and what is not”(1998). Retailers had to find ways to freshen up their business to make then appealing to customers. “…Managers face issues of how to make what is old new again”(1998) Businesses looked for ways to improve revenue. Muhlebach contends that “Retailers are finding, that to...
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