Concrete Testing

Topics: Concrete, Portland cement, Cement Pages: 2 (519 words) Published: August 25, 2013
Concrete and Steel Testing
BIP Geotechnical and Material Testing Engineers and Water Supply Bakakeng, Baguio City

In the construction, it is better to know the strength of concrete and steel to be used especially in a high rise building. Our Laboratory No. 1 for this Midterm is to determine the slump of freshly concrete mixed with Portland cement concrete, the strength and the mixtures of the concrete. July 27, 2012, we performed our laboratory. We the second group, use crushed aggregates, cement, sand, water using Class A mixture. After mixing it we put it into the mold in three layers, each approximately one third of the volume of the mold. We rod each layer 25 strokes using tamping rod. After the top layers have been rodded , we strike off the surface of concrete to keep an excess of concrete above the top of the mold. We remove immediately the mold and measure the slump by examining the vertical difference between the top of the mold and the displaced original center of the top of the specimen. In the second test, we put same sample in the cylindrical surface mold. We do the same procedure on how to put it like in the slump test. The sample will be in the mold for 1 day and will be placed into the water for 15 days. We will need at least 28 days to present this sample to the BIP Geotechnical and Materials Testing Engineers and Water Supply at Bakakeng, Baguio City. We are not able to present it on its exact 28 days because of our examination. August 28, 2012, the 32th days of our concrete sample together with one 10 mm and one 12 mm steel bars, we went to Baguio City for the testing. When we reach our destination, we saw their laboratory and equipment used. We saw also the kinds of woods and stone in the first floor laboratory. In the first step, they use sulfur to make the round surface of our concrete sample into flat. They put our sample in the concrete unit test machine and set a minimum force/mega Pascal to determine its strength. But sad to say,...
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