Concerted Cultivation

Topics: Parenting, Concerted cultivation, Parenting styles Pages: 3 (746 words) Published: April 9, 2011
Concerted Cultivation is a process of engaging a child through organized activities and critical thinking, normally used by middle class families to prepare children for interactions within any given institution. Concerted Cultivation is easily critiqued citing it does not allow for a child to form their own schedule, and often the child is so involved in activities that they are disassociated with anyone not in their immediate family, it creates unhealthy competition between siblings, and often times forces children to focus more on activities and less on academics. However, it has also been researched that concerted cultivation helps children to face authorities in institutions which causes them to be more likely to demand a program cater to their needs instead of going along with a system that does not work for them specifically, it allows them to preform in front of adults, therefore making them comfortable in adult situations, teaches them crucial team building/social interaction skills, and overall prepares them to enter social institutions with ease. I propose to write a paper that promotes concerted cultivation and the need for mandatory participation in organized activities for elementary level students; because it is a crucial time in social development. I intend on using research conducted by Annette Lareau, as well as a variety of other sociologist and psychologist to establish the basis that some form of concerted cultivation is necessary for a child to be able to successfully interact in social institutions (i.e. School, church, work place, etc.).

Halgunseth, Linda, Catherine Cushinberry, and Tashel Bordere. "Race, Ethnicity, and Parenting Styles." Points & Counterpoints: Controversial Relationship and Family Issues in the 21st Century. Los Angeles: Roxbury Company, 2003. 144-151.

Hagunseth, Cushinberry, and Bordere, doctoral students at the University of Missouri briefly analyze different methods of child rearing in reflection to cultural...
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