Concert Report

Topics: Music, Orchestra, Symphony No. 9 Pages: 2 (582 words) Published: February 26, 2013
Dear Mr. Arrayan
Last weekend my Fine Arts class attended the Oregon Symphony’s presentation of Beethoven’s 9th Symphony. The piece was monumental and included a tribute to the recently departed conductor James DePreist. The symphony played one of his favorites, “Adagietto” from Gustav Mahler’s Fifth Symphony, and Benjamin Britten’s “Ballad of Heroes”.

The piece from Gustav Mahler was very dynamic and only included a timbre of string instruments that were well blended. The piece included very long drawn out notes that made it “a bittersweet song of love and longing dedicated to the composer's wife, it's emotionally affecting music in any event” according to James Mcquillen of the Oregonian. The second piece from Britten was more dissonant when all of the choral and instrumental timbres were added. The dissonance added to the war feeling of the piece because that is what war is, a cacophony of emotions and gun fire.

The actual 9th symphony had its own style; Beethoven was a rebel with the willingness to create an hour long piece that was a variation of theme. Looking out past the crowd of UP students there seemed to be mainly old people present, there were a few families with kids here and there, but I would consider it a generational art form. That does not mean that it is a dying art form, Beethoven’s 9th has been argued as the best piece of written music in history, the complexity of it makes it a great piece for any orchestra to play so it will not be thrown out the window anytime soon.

The last movement was the most rhythmic of the piece. It contained all of the melodies from the previous movements, but what was different is that the rhythm had a faster tempo and a defiant beat from the percussion section. It was my favorite movement because of the stopping and staring of the music; there would be crescendo and the song would speed up and then it would all suddenly stop creating delayed and unexpected changes. The Vocal timbre joined in at the end in...
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