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Concert Review: “ACDC-Black Ice”

For me, this concert was a once in a lifetime opportunity. I have been listening to this band ever since I was little and watching their concerts on DVD with my dad who really loves rock ‘n’ roll music. My dad has had a huge impression on me when it comes to music because he is such a huge fan of any type of rock music. When I saw that ACDC was going to be in San Diego, I could not pass up the opportunity because this could be one of their last tours. I had high expectations because I have seen many of their concerts and have witnessed how hard they rock out when performing, and I was definitely not let down.

It was a Sunday night on September 6, 2009 and we just arrived at the Sports Arena. I could feel the excitement of everyone around me and I could not wait for the concert to start. The majority of the audience was somewhat the stereotypical rocker. Many were older men who grew up in the popular years of ACDC who still had the same style of having facial hair, and wearing tank tops and jeans; but there were also many women as well as other people who did not fit the stereotypical appearance and were still major fans of ACDC. When I first walked into the arena, the ambiance of the place was clearly dark with fog rolling around the ceiling. Every vendor had ACDC Black Ice t-shirts which were black with the band members and the tour cities, as well as head bands with devil horns that light up in the dark.

Once I walked into the seating area, the arena was very dark, the temperature was quite cool and the stage looked amazing. It was a very large stage with a super long walkway down the middle of the front row seating, and I could see people moving below wearing the devil horns that were lit up. So I took my seat and waited for the concert to begin. As the time drew closer the seats began to completely fill. The concert started with a video on the big screens of the band member riding a train and Angus young fueling the train with coal to go faster. Eventually the train went so fast it crashed and it came through the giant wall behind the stage. The special effects were amazing, the noise of the crash was so loud and real and smoke was coming of the crashed train. Then, as the band members of ACDC stepped out onto the stage, they received a very loud welcome from the audience.

Brian Johnson was the first to come onto the stage and he greeted the audience and it could barely be heard because of the loud screams and yelling of the audience. Brian was very personable with the audience and was able to get a response of loud cheers to everything he said. Angus Young is the lead guitarist of the band and for good reason; he is the most exciting person to watch play an instrument. He does so many unique actions, such as running around playing his guitar; he does the duck walk, as well as the curly shuffle. Also, Angus riles the audience up when he strips during the concert and eventually moons the audience wearing ACDC boxers. He clearly has a very confident attitude and does not care if he makes himself look silly. He is able to connect to the audience in a humorous way when he does this. The brother of Angus is also in the band and his name is Malcom Young and he is the rhythm guitarist. He is the exact opposite of Angus and he just stands there and plays. Lastly, the bass guitarist is Cliff Williams and the drummer is Phil Rudd. It is quite apparent that the action that occurred during the concert is from Brian and Angus and the attitudes of the other members are not very obvious. Although they are enjoying themselves, they do not bring much attention to themselves. All band members play harmoniously to create the popular style of hard rock ‘n’ roll.

The first song that I will discuss is the song “Let There Be Rock.” This was my favorite song to watch ACDC perform because of the dramatic special effects that go with the lyrics....
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