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The skills required of leadership that we found in the articles are;

Human Skills

These skills should to be owned by the managers to work within a team because it is also like a mirror to their leadership abilities. Managers, who have this skill, usually have the advantage to communicate with other people and increase their motivation in performing a duty. If these skills are not owned by the manager, diversity in terms of race, language and culture, it will be difficult for managers to create the vision, mission and goals.

Conceptual Skills

These skills associated with the ability to coordinate and integrate all activities in the organization. It helps managers to see how all the interests and activities of the organization are consolidated, so that managers can describe a complete picture to the staff about the goals to be achieved. In addition, these skills can also help managers identify the full range of opportunities and threats in marketing activities that could bring harm to the company.

Technical Skills

Technical skills is the ability of managers to use specific knowledge, techniques and procedures in the areas of budgeting, finance, computer skills, Internet skills and competent in a content area. Technical skills possessed is derived from formal education and subsequently developed through training and experience that suits the job done.

Communication Skills

This skill is serves to connect with others. This aspect is involves the use of some skills such as listening, speaking, reading, writing and interaction with the media. All this skills can speed up the affairs of the organization of work in which it involves the relationship between managers and staff. In addition, managers can also interact with people who have a different view.

Emotional Intelligence Skills

This skill allows a manager to solve a problem smoothly. It able to move the negative to positive emotions. These skills can also foster a humanitarian nature, generate creativity

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