Conceptual or Theoretical Bases for Research Studies

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Conceptual or Theoretical Bases for Research Studies
A.Def. “abstract generalization that systematically explains the relationships among phenomena.” Has at least 2 concepts that the theory explains the relationship for. B.Theories are not discovered, they are created.

C.Purpose: make research findings meaningful and interpretable. D.A descriptive theory (a more loose context used by some) refers to broad characterization of a single phenomenon. E.Factors influencing the development of theory

a.Scientific Method
b.Phenomenological Methods i.e. Research
II.Components of a Theory
A.Concepts – ex. Health, stress, pain, coping, caring, social support, holism, etc. B.Theories contain a set of propositions (or statements) which establish a relationship among the concepts. C.The set of propositions form a logically interrelated deductive system. This means that theory is the origin of new statements (statements which are deduced from the propositions and can be tested empirically) III.Purposes of Theories

A.Pull together findings into a systematic whole. Way of organizing knowledge. B.Helps us to understand “why” natural phenomena occur as they do – when we know why we have the basis for predicting and controlling outcomes. C.Theories provide foundation for new research and new knowledge. IV.Scope of Theories

A.Grand or macro theories are very broad in scope and therefore explain a lot of phenomena within the field. (ex. Theory of evolution) B.Middle-range theories focus on a fairly narrow range of phenomena and incorporate a limited number of concepts. C.REMEMBER: Theories are never proved or disapproved. They are supported or data fails to support the theory. V.Conceptual Frameworks (conceptual models, conceptual schemes) A.Are not as well developed as theories

B.Tend to be global in scope
C.Do have concepts as a foundation
D.Do not have the deductive system of propositions that characterize a theory E.Do serve as...
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