Conceptual Literature

Topics: Scientific method, Science, Natural science Pages: 1 (289 words) Published: January 10, 2013
Conceptual Literature
This study aims to identify the effects of Effective Advancement of Training Program in SIP among SSC students in Gov. Feliciano Leviste Memorial National High School. The study is also created in order to asses further and possible solutions to the problems that the teacher and student may cite.

A science investigatory project involves the use of the scientific method within an area of inquiry. The scientific method is a systematic methodology that includes five steps. The scientist or science student first identifies the problem. He then proposes, or formulates, a potential answer to the problem. At the third step, he tests that proposed answer, also called the hypothesis. As an outcome of testing the hypothesis, he gathers data and conducts an analytical evaluation of that data. Finally, the student or scientist draws conclusions based on the data. Science investigatory projects have applications in the social sciences as well as in such physical sciences as chemistry, biology, astronomy, geology and medicine. You may even find important science investigatory projects in disciplines such as economics, statistics and computational finance. Each of these disciplines has the potential to make scientific discoveries that have importance to society. Student science investigatory projects provide students practical experience in using the scientific method and help stimulate their interest in scientific inquiry. Given the benefits society can realize from professional scientific inquiry, such goals in themselves have importance. The outcome of a professional science investigatory project often involves a discovery that can improve the lives of people or animals, or protect the environment. Science improves the quality of your life in many ways through application in technology. Technology is used everywhere and enriches our lives by making things more entertaining, convenient, and easy.
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