Conceptual Definition of Family

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Ingredients for a Family
Family is a group of people who can love another person beside himself or herself, give and gain trust, and accept each other for who they are. When people love one another, they’re not concerned about themselves. Being selfless allows more room for love. In a family, members are able to compromise with the ones they love, in order to make the relationship work. Without trust, a family cannot confide in one another. Trusting the members of within the family shows the respect that they have for each other. Respect and trust unite families, giving them a sense of understanding for one another. Being accepted by the family makes people feel assured that they are loved. Diversity in a family also is a part of acceptance, which makes them feel more comfortable. Diversity may also cause conflict, not only in a family but also in social situations. There are many different qualities that make up a family.

Love isn’t just an emotion; it’s a feeling and a sense of comfort. Being surrounded by a family that loves one another is one of the best feelings in the world. Love is the one of the most important qualities a family must have. If there were no love in the family, no one would get along or want to be near each other. In the painting Freedom from Want, by Normal Rockwell, you can see the love between the family through the picture. Everyone is smiling and excited to be around each other (Rockwell 23). You can tell that they love being around everyone because they keep a smile on their faces, which shows happiness. Being loved and loving someone else are two different concepts. Being able to love someone other than oneself takes time and effort. The more time spent between families, the move love begins to grow. I consider love being like a tree. As the tree grows it becomes stronger and larger. The same analogy goes for love between families. As the family grows together, the love between the members gets stronger.

Selflessness in a family helps the family grow stronger as a whole. It’s nice to care about yourself once in a while but when someone is a part of a family they should care about everyone. Taking care of a family sometimes challenges the members in it. At times you have to give up certain things that may be important to you for another member of the family. There are times in my family when one of us has to sacrifice going out or canceling plans for another member in my family. When my parents want to go out, I have to cancel plans with my friends to watch my sister, but I don’t mind because I know that they sacrifice plans for me all the time. That’s just apart of being selfless. An Indian Story shows a good example of selflessness. Roger Jack states, “That’s when I walked into her life like a newborn Mathew or Grandpa or the baby she never had” (53). Aunt Greta, from “An Indian Story” sacrificed having children of her own or remarrying because she wanted to take care of her nephew. She knew that she could help him move forward in life and that it would make him happy to live there so welcomed him into her home. By her being selfless, the boy was able to grow up doing well in school, learned from his mistakes, and went to college. Because of Aunt Greta’s actions the boy was able to do well for himself. If everyone in a family were selfish than no one would actually care about anybody. If Aunt Greta were selfish and didn’t allow the boy to live with her, he most likely would have dropped out of school like this stepbrother. To deal with his family issues, he probably would have gotten into drugs and or fights with other kids from his area. If his family was selfish, they wouldn’t of cared about his grades or his feelings, but Aunt Greta wasn’t selfish, she took the love that she had for the boy and took him in to help him grow as a person. Being selfless plays a big part in society also. If a person is brought up being selfless it reflects on the person they are outside of the family. In...

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