Conceptual Approach

Topics: Staining, Gram staining, Bacteria Pages: 25 (5151 words) Published: December 2, 2008



|1. Proposed Title: | |Application of Bio-fertilizer and Bioenhancer for Increased Growth and Production of Bioactive Compound of Safed Musli | |(Chlorophytum borivilianum L.) | |Background of the problem | |SM is widely use as supplement for rejuvenate health, antioxidant and immune modulator (Oudhia, 2001). An increased in global | |demand of SM will oppose to shortage of supply for resource materials. Currently, people have gained their interest in these | |annual herbs for Viagra-like active component production which attracts researcher globally to conduct study on SM. Therefore, a | |strategic approach of strategies was needed in order to meet the market demand of SM bioactive compound in its tuber. A relevant | |approach is by application of Bio-fertilizer, Bioenhancer, and Vermicompost from natural beneficial microorganisms. In contrast, | |its agro-climatic condition needs a warmer region with sub tropical climate and no waterlogged area. | |Statement of the problem | |Need a creation of strategies for growth and development of SM at early stage of planting until harvest as to suit with Malaysian| |agro-climatic conditions and economically viable. The usage of plant biomass from agriculture wastage has a good prospect on SM | |planting for carrier of beneficial microorganism | |Objectives of the study | |1) To determine the effect of bio-fertilizer, bioenhancer and vermicompost to the root growth and development and the tubers | |yield of Safed Musli. | |2) To determine the effect of bio-fertilizer, bioenhancer and vermicompost to the content and concentration of bioactive | |compounds (saponin and alkaloids) of Safed Musli. | |Scope of the study | |Soil microbiology study on beneficial microorganism (bacteria) for increased plant growth (associative interaction – e.g. PGPR) | |and active component (saponin and alkaloids) content in SM tuber. | |Significance of the study | |The study is to give planting recommendation of SM plantation to FHC and Nandan Biomatrix Ltd. Thus, generate higher yielding of | |SM tuber with the application of bio-fertilizer, bioenhancer and vermicompost, and fertilizer cost effectiveness with promotion | |for large scale planting. | |2. Project Duration: |4th June 2007 – May 2010 | |3. Experimental Site/Study Area: |Glasshouse, Faculty of Agriculture, UPM and Soil Microbiology Laboratory | |4. Joint Collaboration: |FELDA Herbal Corporation, UPM, Nandan Biomatrix Ltd. And Malaysian Institute of Nuclear | |...
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