Concepts of Service Quality Measurement in Hotel Industry

Topics: Quality management, Hotel, Quality of service Pages: 20 (5756 words) Published: September 28, 2010
Dr. sc. Jasmina Gržinić
Assistant Professor Department of Economics and Tourism «Dr. Mijo Mirkovic» University Jurja Dobrile in Pula


UDK / UDC: 640.41(658.562) JEL klasifikacija / JEL classification: L83 Stručni rad / Professional paper Primljeno / Received: 31. svibnja 2007. / May 31, 2007 Prihvaćeno za tisak / Accepted for publishing: 03. srpnja 2007. / July 03, 2007 Summary The quality of service in hotel industry is an important factor of successful business. The existing trend of complete quality management in hotel industry ensures the achievement of competitive advantage of hotel companies and is therefore the subject of contemporary research into service quality in hotel industry. The concept and the conceptual model of service quality is indispensable if we wish to understand the genesis of service quality and potential gaps in quality. The aim of this paper is to show the importance of service quality in hotel industry from both the conceptual standpoint and that of service quality measurement. The paper describes the most common criteria for measuring service quality, namely the model of internal service quality and the SERVQUAL model. The shown results are those of quantitative and qualitative application of such models in hotels. Key words: Quality, Service, Hotel industry, Measurement criteria


EKON. MISAO PRAKSA DBK. GOD XVI. (2007) BR. 1. (81-98)




The domination of the service sector today is confirmed by the fact that 70% of the world GDP is realized in the service sector. The same sector sees the concentration of 70% of workforce. In order to ensure and keep the quality expected by today’s customer/tourist, we need to differentiate two aspects of quality in general with particular attention to tourism, namely: design quality and the quality of conformity with design. 1 The design quality is a concept implying the presentation of products/services directed to the needs of the clients. The hotel company can satisfy the demands of the client (tourist) only if they are included in its design, i.e. in order to do that, his demands need to be included or “built into” the product/service of the hotel. The hotels do market research in order to determine who their customers are and which of their demands require special attention. The quality of conformity with the design completes the first aspect because it represents the level to which the product/service meets the demands of the market. The quality represents the satisfaction of the client’s needs and in order to achieve it and keep it in time, we not only need a continuous research into the demands of the clients but also of our own capabilities. Such an approach would ensure the pursuing of constant improvements according to the demands of the clients. The harsh competition on tourist market requires the development of a new approach to management known as TQM – Total Quality Management. When introducing the quality management system, hotel companies use various approaches adapted to their business conditions. The following part of the paper describes the most common service quality measurement criteria, in particular the model of internal service quality and the SERVQUAL model. The paper presents a detailed analysis of arguments that have contributed to a high positioning of the SERVQUAL model among the various ways to measure service quality.



Service quality is a way to manage business processes in order to ensure total satisfaction to the customer on all levels (internal and external). It is an

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EKON. MISAO PRAKSA DBK. GOD XVI. (2007) BR. 1. (81-98)


approach that leads to an increase...
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