Concepts of Praise and Worship

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The purpose of the document is to educate those interested in joining the praise team on what the purpose and requirements of a praise team are, what the job of all members of the praise team is and what is expected of all members. This is required reading for all who are interested in joining the praise team.

These requirements aren't in place for the purpose of making it hard to join the praise team. They are in place for the sole purpose of insuring any member of the praise team is there because God has called them to be there. It is believed that a person who is truly called to the ministry will do what's necessary to be properly prepared to minister.

While most of the members of a praise team are usually very good singers, it is a whole lot more than just a group of talented singers leading people in singing songs. It's easy for talented singers to perform songs well and get their audience to respond to their performance. Whoever, an effective praise and worship ministry draws the audience's attention away from the PT itself and onto the presence of God. The purpose of the praise and worship ministry is to lead God's people into His presence.

To successfully fulfill this calling, it is important to have the correct people on the praise team. It's not enough to just have people with musical talent. The praise and worship ministry needs people who are blessed with musical talent and who are called by God to that ministry.

The praise team fulfills the role of "worship leader" by being "lead worshippers." A praise team's primary responsibility is to worship God as they stand in front to lead the congregation. In a sense, they are "worship instructors" to the congregation as they model the act of worshipping God. The PTs' desire is to create an atmosphere where worship has the opportunity to happen. Ultimately it is up to the individual to worship God, but the PT is there to aid in helping each one to draw near and experience the presence of God for himself and herself.


The Praise Team is a smaller group of dedicated vocalist who are currently active members of one of the church choirs. The PT leads the congregation at a special time of praise and worship during church services. The purpose of this group is to usher the congregation into the presence of God using primarily short songs that can be easily picked-up and remembered by the congregation. The PT should not make it a practice of singing "regular choir songs" that are lengthy and contain a lot of words.

PT members should possess the ability to:

1.Visually communicate the message of a song while singing. 2.Lead the congregation in praise and exhortation
Bring the congregation into the awareness of the God's presence Sing skillfully and with confidence.

Spiritual Preparation
Praise Team members must remember and understand that in order to lead effectively in praise and worship; they must prepare prior to service. You must be prepared more so spiritually than musically. You can have all the musical training one could ever have, but without God's help you're depending on that training alone. It is so important that your spiritual lives far exceed your musical abilities. You must come to your place of service having walked with and worshipped God throughout the week. This qualifies you to invite others to join in corporate worship to God. In short, you must be actively living the life you sing about.

Additionally, the purpose of the praise team is worship first and service second. The word "worship" means to ascribe worth, to pay homage, to reverence, to adore, render devotion, and respect, especially to God.

Sometimes, people praise and worship only when the feel like it or depending on what kind of mood they are in. Praise and worship has nothing to do with how you feel or your mood. P&W should be our lifestyle individually and corporately. P&W is our lives exalting Him, giving Him honor and blessing Him in the...
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