Concepts of Modernism

Topics: World War I, World War II Pages: 2 (264 words) Published: August 26, 2013
* Chaotic society due to the first world war
* First called ‘avant-garde’, artists (such as musical writers, artists, poets, etc.) saw themselves as alienated from the establishment and aimed to shock and challenge existing social conventions by being chaotic, obscure and abtract. * Modernism is a movement that breaks away from classical and traditional forms. Creating different perspectives by breaking boundaries. It’s constantly changing and breaks away from the Victorian era and pushes aside previous norms. * The goal was to accomplish something that has never been done and attempt to change worldviews. Radical expression was the concern of the era. Modernism Era

* Change
* Breaking conventions moving away from romanticism
* Impact of urbanisation and industrialisation crowded city – destruction of nature/natural environment * Homogenisation – the urban sprawl
* Lack of religion and the lack of faith – post world war * Questioning the order and structure of society
* Disillusionment in WW1
* Instability & a sense of chaos
* People like Eliot and artists though that life were futile – fallout/impact from the first world war * Poems prior to first world war – tensions and anticipation of WW1 * A time of questioning – people are being more open

* Women being educated, having a role in society, jobs, independence * WWI caused many to lose their faith in humanity
* Collapse of morality and values – loss of faith
* Sense of pessimism
* Distorted and fragmented identity – confusion
* The damaged psyche – paralysis
* Obscurity and deliberately clever
* Psychological well-being based on security
* Illusions and myths – he is aware of ideas
* Alienation of modern man – being educated and self conscious can’t communicate effectively * With knowledge comes power and doubt
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