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Topics: Revenue, Investment banking, Financial market Pages: 4 (1373 words) Published: July 29, 2014
Global Capital Markets 2014: The Quest for Revenue Growth by Philippe Morel, Nick Gardiner, Gwenhaël Le Boulay, James Malick, Pierre Paoli, Sukand Ramachandran, Shubh Saumya, and Astrid Woloszczuk MAY 06, 2014

The capital markets and investment banking (CMIB) industry continues to try to navigate its way through a transformational period that requires tough strategic choices. Declining revenues, an extremely challenging regulatory climate, clients that demand higher service levels and more innovative products, a shifting workforce culture, and the need to forge meaningful business partnerships are common items on the agendas of senior management teams globally. Global Capital Markets

The Quest for Revenue Growth
The Push for Client Centricity at Investment Banks
( The Battle for Talent: Can Investment Banks Win?

( The Right Partnerships Can Help Investment Banks

( Although the industry-wide revenue decline in 2013 was not dramatic, at about 2 percent, the largest revenue pool—fixed income, currencies, and commodities (FICC)—suffered a steep drop of 16 percent. This decline was offset to some degree by substantial rises in equity and investment banking division (IBD) revenues. But after-tax return on equity (ROE) remains under pressure, falling slightly in 2013 to 11 percent, with further declines probable in 2014. Overall, we believe that the industry’s focus on regulatory compliance and cost reduction, necessary as those activities may be, has worked somewhat against placing sufficient...
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