Concept Paper of Project Proposal in It6: Project Management
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Concept Paper of Project Proposal in
IT6: Project Management

In the fast pacing world of business and technology, rivalries within different industries are unavoidable. In order to gain an edge over the others every organization should change as quickly as possible to stay ahead of competition and survival. With accordance to this matter, the proponents will conduct a study to provide solutions to the problems encountered by Company X which particularly focuses on difficulty in having a systematized and efficient flow of transactions. This study will seek to derive benefits that will support the needs of the business to have an easier flow of reservation and accommodation system within the entity’s business cycle. The proponents will use lists of questions in a form of open-ended questionnaires and a face-to-face interview with the base entity’s management. In general sense, the system proposal of the group will give rise to an easier access to the entity’s data with a corresponding high security. The proposed system will promote better relationship between the user and the operating system itself due to its user-friendly design that eliminates difficulty in storing and retrieving data and also to other time-consuming transactions in accommodation and reservation matters.
Years before the reopening of Company X last 2011, it was only a theme park and restaurant back then. On its reestablishment, the management added a pool area and rooms for accommodation, with the latter as the present center of business. It had always used manual data collection in its operations though they have a website in which the costumers can have a view at the place and even book a reservation online. They also offer deals on plane tickets and other things needed for a business trip or vacation. The management uses Microsoft Excel for guest and room monitoring, in every guest transaction, the handling of billing and accommodation transactions still done manually. The

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