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Understanding Morality
Adjectives that describe the morality of a person:
1. Moral correctly judges between right or wrong.
a. Moral - protect the weak, stand up for the downtrodden, love everyone as much as you can and more every day, jump on any and all opportunities to save an innocent life, do your best to live up to your potential for the betterment of the world. Doing what is right because it is right, feeding a starving child, giving your coat to a homeless person, taking foster children and caring for them well, standing for what you know is right.

2. Amoral does not concern with any moral standard.
a. Amoral - chew gum, play baseball, speak French, swim in the ocean, jump in a puddle, not caring if something is right or wrong. Driving, shooting a gun, internet, reading, watching TV

3. Immoral does not act in conformity with accepted principles.
a. Immoral - murder for profit, treat people as tools for your advancement in business, betray your word, make decisions based on vengeance, initiate non-consensual sex, cheating on the stock market, lying maliciously, stealing, drag racing in the community at 11pm or early morning, murder, incest, doing another's homework

Different definitions of Morality
a. Morality is a response to God’s incredible, freely given love and His gift of salvation offered to us through our Lord Jesus.
b. Morality is a science, concerned about what ought to be , judging right from wrong in the light of revelation, one’s act of responsibility, and responding to all personal invitation of Jesus.
c. Morality is searching for the norms (standards) of free human conduct in the light of revelation.
d. Morality is how humans relate to or treat one another to promote mutual welfare, growth and meaning in striving for good over bad and right over wrong.
e. Morality is a system or principles by which we can determine if our conduct is

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