Concept of Due Process

Topics: Criminal law, Prison, Crime Pages: 1 (316 words) Published: May 21, 2013
The concept of due process in the criminal justice system is provided by the Constitution that each person that is suspected of a crime whether that violates the rights of others even if the offender is from foreign lands to be to be prosecuted and sentenced in the United States. Each person that is accused of a crime is innocent until they are proven guilty, and are entitled to a fair and speedy trial. They are also entitled to a lawyer even if they cannot afford one, one will be appointed by the courts. They are also allowed to see all documentation that the courts have against them through the investigation. The due process of the criminal justice system is that no state shall take away life, liberty and property, without going through the complete due process.

If all of the following acts where in place a right to an attorney, a fair and speedy trial, however there are time that the trials take longer than normal can be because the defense needs more time to prepare the case for the defendant. If these things where not in place people all over the United States would not be getting fair trials, and our prison systems would be overran. When the jury states that the accused is actually guilty beyond a reasonable doubt that is when the judge rules the hearing and convicts the person, it could be probation or prison time depending on the case. Even if the person is sentenced to life in prison could only mean 20 years depending on whether or not they have the possibility to parole. Even after he or she is put into the correctional system he or she is still able to contact with family, have visitors, and file for an appeal, but their freedom to walk down the street is taken from them because of their actions.
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