Concept and Prof. Sarah Raymundo

Topics: Concept, Idea, Thought Pages: 2 (451 words) Published: March 8, 2009
“Pagsipat ng Kasalukuyang Estado ng Edukasyon: Kritikal na Suri ng Sosyolohiya” was the theme of the recent PLSS Sociological Convention held at UP Diliman which was gratefully have been participated by Sociology majors from PUP, UP Diliman, UPLB and UST. Speakers are Prof, Gerry Lanuza, Prof. Sarah Raymundo, Prof. Froilan Alipao and Prof. Engels del Rosario.

I arrived at the Palma Hall of UP Diliman without having an idea of what will be the convention all about. As I took the registration form, two pieces of paper gave me the flow of the said convention. The convention started late. Prof. Sarah Raymundo of UP Diliman was the first speaker. Honestly, I didn’t get too much from the first speaker due to her soft voice which did not reach the seats at the back which I belong and it was then my stomach shouting for food, I didn’t have breakfast, I’ll be late if I gave attention to it. After the first speaker, we have a lunch break. I thought economic crisis affected the UP Community because it went hard for us to look for food.

The convention resume at 1:30 pm with a documentary by the IBON Foundation entitled “Misedukasyon”. It tackled the rotten facilities of schools and universities. The documentary made me understand what’s going on in our government. Our government should be the one who is responsible for this and as of now, education is only 3rd in our government’s priority which should be first in my own thinking. Education molds every person in this world. It prepares a person for his/her future. But how can education performs its tasks when it lacks support from the government which is now happening in our country. As a PUPian, I am aware of this because I experience this situation. Prof. del Rosario jokily said when he was about to begin his topic “actually, nahihiya na kong magsalita sa harap nyo, yung documentary tungkol sa bulok na pasilidad na PUP”, which is true. Prof. del Rosario discussed about the neoliberalism of education along with Prof....
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