Topics: Secrecy, Fashion Pages: 4 (956 words) Published: October 4, 2014

When everything around you seems so routine and mundane, switch it up a little and think outside the box. Being known as simple, boring and everything that is done is expected, there is no room for excitement. Well all of that changes, except for the eyes of those on the outside looking in. Living double lives, both are extreme opposite of each other and both are extremely satisfying in their own right. Unfortunately they don’t play hand in hand, and the secrecy of one determines the success of the other and vice versa.

My inspiration came from the show “The Covert Affair”. The title moerso than the show grabbed my attention and was ultimately where I pulled inspiration from. It stems off of the basis of living double lives and pulling it off without anyone knowing but you. I have put a twist on it, allowing my target market to have a very diverse wardrobe, going from one extreme to the next. I have included tailored pants suits as well as dresses in my collection, depicting a very strong and structured woman. She is set in her career, yet lives a fun life, surrounded by friends and family. But they are also much like herself, safe and secure in their comfort zone. When night time falls, she becomes someone else. She is having a secret affair with excitement, with danger, with city nightlife, with fun and with herself!! Her wardrobe is no longer safe, her friends are not the same, her family has no clue that she is prowling the streets, partying, living the life that she has always wanted to but was too afraid to do so. Dressed in her edgy fashions appropriate for each occasions, she walks with even more confidence than ever before. Baring her skin, through sheer garments trimmed in leather accents, screams to the world, I am a here, I am confident, I am sexy and I know who I am! After months of dipping and dodging, frolicking around in different styles she finally discover the key to maintain her secret of living...

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