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Bellevue University, Spring 2013

According to their website, ConAgra is a Fortune 500 company with over $18 billion in sales and employing over 36,000 people (ConAgra Fact Sheet, n.d.). Based in Omaha, NE, ConAgra is dedicated to delivering sustainable, profitable growth. The following research will discuss the elements of corporate citizenship, marketing innovation and company culture. We will also discuss how these elements are interrelated, as well as the implications for employees, customers, managers, and society at large. The impressive award-winning portfolio from ConAgra helps to not only drive sales, but to also make a positive impact on their customers, community, and planet.

Corporate Citizenship
Nickels, McHugh and McHugh (2013) defined corporate social responsibility as “the concern businesses have for the welfare of society, not just for their owners” (p. 97). ConAgra corporate citizenship initiatives are based on three premises: Good for You, Good for the Community, and Good for the Planet (ConAgra Citizenship, n.d.). Their website notes that they show commitment to health and nutrition with the variety of calorie and portion control options, dietary variety, and heart healthy options. Commitment to food safety is achieved through legislation such as the Food Safety Modernization Act, ongoing research, proactive management of health issues, and communication with employees, investors and consumers. ConAgra is also a strong supporter of their communities by supporting volunteerism, investing in sustainable agriculture, investing in local sourcing, funding grant programs, and working towards ending child hunger. According to their website, during their “Week of Service” in April 2013, ConAgra logged more than 7,000 hrs of community service by their employees. This included stuffing backpacks, serving meals, and partnering with retailers and food industry experts to engage customers in the fight against hunger. One of their most prominent initiatives is ending child hunger. ConAgra donates the equivalent of 1 million meals each month to Feeding America foundation, and donated 3.1 million meals in 2013. ConAgra also funds grant programs to support non-profits finding innovative ways to combat child hunger and enhance nutrition among high risk populations (ConAgra Citizenship, n.d.). While promoting products that are good for the individual as well as their community initiatives, ConAgra doesn’t stop there – they are also committed to minimizing their impact on the planet. According to the ConAgra website, initiatives are in place to reduce greenhouse gases, energy use, water usage, and waste. Approx 40% of water from their facilities are recycled and used for irrigation of neighboring farms, which returns a significant portion of the water to benefit agricultural use (ConAgra Citizenship, n.d.). Protocols are also in place to increase efficiency by recycling and donating products to feed people or animals. In 2013, the “Zero Loss” continuous improvement program resulted in 93% of the solid waste from ConAgra facilities being diverted away from landfills. Instead, products were recycled, donated to feed people or animals, used for energy generation, or as soil additions or fertilizers. According to the ConAgra website, in 2013 ConAgra “collectively reduced their carbon emissions by more than 26,700 metric tons, reduced landfill waste by 23,000 tons, conserved 646 million gallons of water, and generated $22 million in cost savings through projects” (ConAgra Citizenship, n.d.). Implications of corporate citizenship

While everyone can probably agree that corporate citizenship is a good thing, studies have shown that there are more implications than what may meet the eye. According to Lou and Bhattaacharya (2006), corporate social responsibility was found to increase customer satisfaction in highly innovative...

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