Comunication in "Hitch"

Topics: Nonverbal communication, Communication, Facial expression Pages: 3 (1224 words) Published: November 7, 2010
Communication is in our lives through talking, listening and even body language. In the movie “Hitch” one is shown this through nonverbal communication, how the characters listen to themselves as well as one another and through the changing perceptions of the characters. By watching Hitch, Sarah, Albert and Allegra one is able to see how having communication, proper or not, affects how are lives are.

The main character Hitch gives the most information on communication within the film. Throughout the movie one hears Hitch explaining that in any relationship listening is very important. In the opening scene we see an actor listening to his date on their walk showing that by listening one is able to form a better relationship with others. Ironically listening is the one thing that Hitch lacks himself. In the scene where Albert is begging Hitch to make things better with Allegra, it’s clear that all the talk of listening never applied to Hitch. Hitch didn’t practice what he preached. Hitch demonstrates how not listening can help when he deliberately gave the beautiful lady in the bar money for a drink when he knew that she didn’t work there. By not listening to her saying “excuse me” in an angry tone he was able to pull her away and talk personally with her, thus showing that sometimes not listening is good. Within the movie Hitch also demonstrates a lot of nonverbal communication both good and bad. When Albert shows Hitch that he had dancing down, one sees the facial expression of Hitch telling viewers that Alex was out of his mind to call whatever he did dancing. At the end of the movie when Sarah is attempting to flee away Hitch showed that although she was driving off with some strange man, he was courteous enough to open the door. His perception was varied throughout the film as it switched from a man who gets any woman, to a college nerd that is now wearing a mask to hide his true hurt self to that of a changed man whom is in love and willing to...
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