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There are many companies that make products that go head to head. Coca Cola and Pepsi are an example of such reveries. There has been many taste test and competitions that involved the soda kings. This reverie has been going on for over a century. (See appendix 1) The start of this long standing soda war began 1886 when creator John S. Pemberton developed the original recipe for Coke. Then 13 years later Pepsi creator pharmacist Caleb Bradham developed his formula. By this time Coca-Cola was already fulfilling order that totaled a million gallons per year. Coke then continue to develop its iconic bottle in 1921, they then secured huge name endorsements deals, expanded to Europe and Cuba, Canada and Panama. In the interim, Pepsi went bankrupt because of WWI in 1923. Pepsi is fully revived fully in 1931 and begin a campaign to rival coke back and forward. Although Pepsi never really tops Coke in soda sales the Pepsi Company is still more profitable than Coke due to their diversity of the many other products they sell. Coke spends a half a billion more on advertising than Pepsi. (See appendix 2) (Bhasin, 2013)

Corporate Culture
Performance with a purpose is the PepsiCo corporate culture motto. The PepsiCo CEO, Indra K. Nooyi, states: Ethics and growth are connected is a broadly shared understanding in today's business world. But these words appeared in the PepsiCo Annual Report back in 1968—just three years after the Pepsi-Cola Company and the Frito-Lay Company merged to form PepsiCo. It is a testament to how long we have treasured the belief that corporate capabilities and corporate character are not just integrated, but inseparable. (Company T. P., 2013)

Here she is stating that ethics is an intricate part of PepsiCo culture and it has been for many, many years. This is before it has been before it has been set and a stantdard in the business world today. She goes on to speak about how this ideal has made Pepsi the innovator and leader in such...

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