Computing Goes Green

Topics: Computer, Servers, Data center Pages: 2 (341 words) Published: August 10, 2011
Gregorio, Marie Grace M.
INFOMAN Midterm Exam
KTD, Prof. Raymond L. Ganotice

PART 1: CHAPTER 5- Computing Goes Green

1. What business and social problems does data center power consumption cause? >>Problems caused by Data Center Power Consumption:
1. Electricity consumption doubled1.More servers, more emission of carbon footprints 2. Very high cost for cooling data centers 2. Some materials used are environmentally 3. Heat generated from the servers causes hazardous when not properly disposed equipment failure

2. What solutions are available for these problems? Which are the most environment-friendly? >> Solutions that are available for data center problem are: a.Use of Hydroelectric power as a source of electricity

b.Replacement of copper wiring to light pulses on microprocessors c.Use of thin computers which are very basic terminal machine that consumes significantly less power than normal computers d.Server Virtualization

e. Muticore Processor
The most environmental-friendly solutions stated above are virtualization and the use of thin computers because both reduce power consumption. Virtualization which creates higher utilization of computer results to fewer data centers therefore electricity consumption is reduced. It is the most efficient means for a cost effective greener computing. On the other hand, the use of thin computers which are directly connected to servers consume significantly less power than normal computers.

3. What are the business benefits and cost of these solutions? >> Majority of these solutions reduces the consumption of electricity because data servers are utilized to its full capacity therefore operating cost on data servers are reduced also. As stated in the book, cost reduction ranges from 10% to 25% with the use of new solutions.

4. Should all firms move toward green computing? Why or why not? >>Yes, all firms...
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