Computers Make Us Lazy

Topics: Human brain, Brain, Hard disk drive Pages: 2 (530 words) Published: September 3, 2013
When presented with a range of statements in the formal essay paper of my English mock exam, one in particular stood out: “The Digital Age is making us physically and mentally lazy.” It seemed far more interesting than the other standard subjects, sport, politics, national pride, obesity, cyber-bullying, and more sport. None of which I really felt I could write about, yet alone complete a full essay in less than the 30 minutes I had allocated to the article. Despite the single line scrawled on my planning sheet, my topic really got me thinking. Spending the amount of time I do on the computer, I have pretty strong views on this subject. The digital age is making us lazy?

Physically; yes, I couldn’t agree more. In years gone past, watching a film would have involved walking to the cinema, but thanks to the technology today, there is almost no need. Why would you, when at the click of a button, the film can be instantly streamed to the viewer’s choice of device? Be it an iPod, laptop, cell-phone, minimal effort is needed. Also, with the prices and plans of portable cellular telecommunications devices dropping in price, one can be connected with their “bestmate” with a singly thumb-movement. I could be very “old fashioned” and say that in the past, keeping in contact involved physical exertion and walking around to your friends house, but no, one still needed to get up and walk to use the landline telephone in the hallway, before cell-phones rendered them and the effort involved pointless. As for mentally lazy, I have to disagree. Young people are generally becoming more and more informed, thanks to the power of the internet. In order for this to happen, their brains would need to be engaged. Digital devices make our lives easier, but they do not erase the need to think. While technology solves many problems, it also creates new ones. Ones that rely on the human element for solutions.

Just because you have the two photos stored on your computer hard drive, along...
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