Computers in Todays World

Topics: Computer, World Wide Web, Computer network Pages: 2 (563 words) Published: June 19, 2013
The world that we live in today is a far cry from what previous generations have come to know about. The dynamics of interaction is no longer confined and limited to the physical person to person interface. Far greater distances have been crossed, language barriers overcome and time differences bridged. All of these and some more, in their present day sophistication and complexity, have not been possible and available a few generations back. Although computers have been around since 1837, with the analog computers responding to the many scientific computing needs of the world during the first half of the 19th century, it was around the 1990s when applications like email and the World Wide Web saw computers taking another dimension and level, with the development of cheap and fast networking technologies like the Ethernet and ADSL (internet).

This is what defines computers in today’s world – computers that are networked, regularly connected to the internet for communication and information exchange. And with wireless networking becoming ubiquitous, computers have evolved from its simple form into a necessity that they are today for millions of people across the globe.

The many uses of computer in today’s world are pretty much reflective of its progression and evolution. Transforming the world’s system of communication, people from all walks of life use computers in most of their personal or business communication needs. Computer have played and still continue to play a critical function in the field of medicine, science, research, engineering, business, defense, industry, music, painting and almost anything that a person does. Almost every business is hooked to computers for its various applications that are programmed to help in the smooth and accurate operations of the business. If we look around us, it will be hard to imagine how the world will function the way it is functioning now, if computers did not develop into the forms and functionality...
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