Computers in modern day medicine

Topics: Surgery, Physician, Hospital Pages: 3 (719 words) Published: April 23, 2015
 Computers have a strong foothold in modern day medicine. They are used to organize records, create images such as CT Scans, conduct robotic surgeries, and many other applications. It’s difficult to imagine how medicine was practiced 50 years ago without the help from computers. This will review a few of the benefits computers provide in todays medicine. One of the most basic uses for computers is in the administration side of the house. Computers are the excellent means for storage of patient-related data. Hospitals use computer systems to maintain patient records. The ability to quickly review a patient’s history and family history is vital to a doctor when diagnosing a patient through trend analysis. Whole businesses have been created around the use of computers for patient billing. Companies such as this will take care of managing patient tabs and sending out reminders. Prescriptions are also managed through the computer systems. CVS will scan the prescription for their records then use the information to bill the insurance companies. A very important function of computers is in the research and study of medicine. Journals and scholarly websites allow researchers to post their studies for others to learn from. Computers are used in the diagnosis of patients preventing a lot of needless exploratory surgeries. Magnetic resonance imaging employs computer software to make use of digital geometry processing techniques to obtain 3-D images. Sophisticated computers and infrared cameras are used for obtaining high-resolution images. Computers are widely used for the generation of 3-D images. These images can be used by doctors to diagnose patients without, having to touch a scalpel. Monitoring systems in the hospitals keep track of a patient’s progress and provide warnings when a patient needs immediate assistance. Data collected by the monitors are reviewed by the patients doctor allowing them to hone in on the issue. Computers are also...

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