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Computers in Medical Field

Topics: Medicine / Pages: 3 (712 words) / Published: Jan 18th, 2013
A computer has become an essential commodity in every hospital. Everything is computerized today, from open heart surgeries to X-rays to various clinical tests. Everything is carried out efficiently and effectively by the computer. There are many advantages of computers that make it a must have by every medical professional. This article tells you about the use of computers in the medicine that would help you understand the wide array of computer applications used across the medicinal practice.

Computers in the Medical Office
There are various uses of computer in medical field as it plays a vital role in every medical office. It contributes a lot to the hospital administration where all the administrative processes are computerized. For example, staff records, recording incoming and outgoing time of the staff, the holiday records of the staff, etc. It is difficult to keep track of such things manually but with the help of computers, the task is simplified and is less time-consuming. In most of the offices, accounting is also computerized that helps you keep the daily record of the financial transactions of the office. It also reduces the chances of money related frauds as all the data is stored properly that can be used for future reference. Computer also helps in recording the names and contact details of the doctors and associated people. It is useful when it comes to recording the medical history of the patient, such as, previous treatments, tests, diagnosis, and symptoms, etc. Such information comes handy for the doctor in case of emergencies and when a new treatment is to be designed. The patients can also avail to computer counseling with the help of computers. Today, the bills are computer generated and hence, the chances of miscalculation are less. Apart from this, to avail the online transaction facilities computer is essential.

Use of Computers in Medicine
Use of computers is also associated with the research and inventions in health sector. Various research studies are carried out with the help of various applications in the computer. For example, studying certain cells, micro organisms, bacteria, etc., is easily possible with computer. It helps you save all the related information that you can refer to, whenever required. One can also create electronic presentations of certain diseases or treatments that are useful to understand by the junior or trainee doctors so that they can prepare themselves for small and uncomplicated operations by taking guidance from senior doctors via web conferencing. In seminars and paper presentations on the health related topics, computerized presentations create more impact on the audience. It also helps the audience understand the issues well. With the help of computer networking, doctors across the world can communicate with each other about new inventions and unique health conditions, etc. All the countries are conducting research studies and this information can be mutually shared by the medical fraternity with the help of computers and internet technology. The computer makes the world smaller and brings people together.

Uses of Computers in Hospitals
Computers are widely used in all the hospitals for numerous purposes apart from administration, accounting, billing, and appointments. It literally helps doctors in performing various surgeries, especially laparoscopic surgeries are possible because of computers where doctors insert the medical tools and small camera and conduct an operation with the help of computers and monitors. Many high tech surgical machines and instruments are endowed with small computer systems so that every surgical process is recorded and monitored to avoid complications. Many clinical imaging processes are conducted and examined with the help of computers, such as X-ray and CT scan, etc. Computers also play a vital role in conducting various clinical and biological laboratory tests in hospitals that help in correct diagnosis of the disease. Many critical patients, whose heart rate, pulse rate, and brain readings, etc., need be recorded and monitored continuously, are observed through computers. Its virtually impossible for humans to note down every movement of the internal organs of the patients but computers do it with ease. Importance of computers in medicine has grown so much that many patients who need to be provided with life support system are also governed by the special computerized system only. Such is the impact of computers on a medical practice.

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