Computers: How Useful Are They?

Topics: Personal computer, Server, American inventions Pages: 3 (903 words) Published: July 4, 2009

Businesses today rely on computer technology to assist them in almost every area of corporate life. Computers have invaded grocery stores, fast food restaurants, big businesses and small offices. They process data, store information, work out complex mathematical problems, track inventory, and even control temperature and lighting in office buildings. Reliance on the high-speed digital computer is so complete that the world of commerce would break up to a sudden stop if computers were removed. The way computers have invaded our society is remarkable. When we buy something at the store, most likely our purchase will be scanned at the checkout counter by a reader of UPC bar codes. When we bring a package to our local post office to mail, the clerk will put it on a scale that is attached to a computer terminal. After the clerk inputs some information by pressing a few bottoms, the computer package will cost to mail. CAT scans help doctors view kidneys, hearts, and other body organs to see if they are healthy. Farmers rely on computers to plan planting and harvesting of crops. Every time you reserve space on an airplane, check your bank statement, or telephone a friend, you are depending on computers.

It is hard to imagine the world without computers. As a result of new technologies, especially in the past years, our modern society was introduced to different ways of communication through the computers. Some of these ways include the Internet and Email.

Computers can communicate using modems and telephone lines as easily as if they were sitting side by side connected to each other directly. Of course, this modern way of communicating with others would not be possible if computers did not exist. Through the email we now have the ability to communicate with anybody throughout the world in matter of minutes. Email has been a benefit to society. Some of the benefits are the time, dependability and the price.

First, the time is...

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