Computers Effect on Kids

Topics: Play, Computer, Hypertension Pages: 2 (614 words) Published: August 6, 2013
Abdirizak Farah
English 122
Guy Lord
July 22, 2013

Computer is harmful to children Following the 21stb century technological advancement computer became one of the most used devices for adult persons. And today every family in America virtually owns a computer set. So the question is, is the computer beneficial to the young children who are widely using the computers as part of their school items. The answer would be negative, computer is one the most dangerous items that children could play with. Its adverse effects outweigh the benefits it has for the children in all cases. And the fact that computer is extremely harmful for children, it is always better to keep out of reach of children, so they are not exposed to the long negative effects of computer. The children who spend great chunk of their time every day on computer are far more susceptible to the emotional problems and challenges in communication and role playing with the ordinary people and their school or neighborhood peers unlike kids who play with their friends. When children have developed that tendency of playing games and other morally harmful things like pornography there would develop an addiction syndrome, and that alone could hamper their academic performance. On the other hand when children addicted to games they forget their homework and other activities and that makes out of touch with his studies and that makes some children to feel they know better compared with his colleagues and that results confrontations in the school and even bullying other children who are either younger or less physical. Moreover, children who take long time on the computer monitor develop some other health related complications; a good example is eye strains and fatigue and that could further incite headaches and fever and would eventually lead to high blood pressure. Additionally, children would experience physical complications like neck...
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